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Welcome to GloryGate Ministries International / Kingdom Messenger Institute Theology page. Our Theology page was designed to reach those to whose hunger for New Covenant truth outweighs all other voices that are screaming within the Christian communities...
Some ministries chose to place little of what they believe on their websites, due to the fact that their main objective is to try to position the reader toward their main focus of ministry objectives.
Now we all do that - my objective is to establish the reader within the foundational doctrines of the New Covenant - present - Kingdom of God.
It is absolutely - in my estimation - after receiving Jesus as your God and Lord the most important area of achievement that every person upon this planet can ever accomplish, whether your purpose in life is to the secular purposed world or training the army of God from ground zero (the Local Church)....
With this declaration in mind - I am reminded of some of the words of the great-late apostle Kelly Varner....
Apostle Varner often said - Men who teach of God's graces are of limited knowledge - only God is all knowing so - Read - Study - Think.
Two of the first-fruit revelation in all of God's treasure chest along with being the greatest revelations with all of the New Covenant are:

  1. Col 1:15-19
    15 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:
    16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:
    17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.
    18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.
    19 For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell;

    The above verses teach us that Jesus is the very expression of the Father.

  2. Eph 1:23
    23 Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.

    This encourages us that the church is called to be the very expression of Jesus.

Now if you are one that holds to the theories that teach that unless God comes and takes his American (USA) Church to some hidden-secure place, so that they can hide-out so that they don't receive any hurt during any time of trouble and forsake all of their other brethren that where not fortunate enough to find this way of escape like you did.
Then I must assume that these verses of Holy Scripture must not apply to your Christian experience. I am applying this form of blasphemy / heresy to the USA Christians simple because in all of God's planet earth the American Church is the only portion of God's people that believe that form of heresy.
Other nations that do teach this form of false doctrine is because they came from America or they are students of such unqualified leadership in America. I do realize that the American Church has some of the strongest voices of religious reasoning among all the nations.
But if one would checkout their doctrinal repertoire - then you would be able to see that their first 3 favorite doctrines that they teach are not at the top of God's list of new covenant revelations --

The normal American pulpit doctrinal list are -

  1. Seed Faith Giving - So that I can obtain from life or God my deepest desires which is usually money - possessions - a ministry - (which the Bible teaches that if you seek after God's kingdom then all these things will be added to your life anyway).
  2. Prosperity - How to have success in business / so that I can have the good life - the American dream (better house, boat, car - best clothes - best food - best vacations) (But monies for Missions - the poor and needy - Not so much).
  3. Breaking of ancestral curse / Inner Healing for the past - II Cor 5:17 says that If any man be in Christ - He is a new creature. If we would stop aborting our salvation experiences at the alters of God - then the saints of god could look to their futures instead of looking over their shoulders back to Egypt. The problem is where are the alters to Jesus in the American church.

The top 3 New Covenant doctrines are these -

  1. New Covenant redemption is by grace only with no church law added.
  2. The New Covenant Church is made up of Jewish and Gentile believers - as the true Israel of God.
  3. The promises secured by Jesus from the Old Covenant Fathers is -
    1. Abraham's promise - the Land (the whole earth - Rom 4:13)
    2. David's promise - the Throne (the right to rule the earth as God's heir - Gal 3:26 - Gal 4:13)

These are the reason for creating this theology page of New Covenant Foundations - made in my own image so that you can know who Wm Daniel John is.
When I say 'in my own image', my meaning is that the truths that I cover on our Theology page is what I believe. You will never have to guess my belief on any of these subjects.
I am a man that believes you are - what you believe. And I do believe in the truth that God wants His church to prosper in all areas of life. But this love for monies for my personal usage has taken over the USA church.
As stated on the About/Biography page - as early as eight years old I started being visited by God in visions, dreams, words for warning through the biblical gift of the word of wisdom and knowledge and discerning of spirits. Throughout my life I have had 4 major visitations - one of those visitations was on June 26, 1994, Jacksonville, FL at 10:50 am, when Jesus appeared in my mobile trailer, on my way to the pulpit. The other three were visitation - where an angel appeared before me.
On this introduction to the Kingdom Messengers Institute Theology page I will be telling you about a visitation that I had in Clearwater, FL, February 17-18-19, 1989 - when one of God's angels appeared to me and stayed before me for 3 days, revealing to me 80% of what is on our theology page.
This is the first-time since 1989 that I will have talked about this visitation in the detail that I am about to do so. I am doing this now - on this forum - so that the reader can know that those doctrinal revelations that might be controversy to some are not the ideas of a man gone mad - but rather that you might know that Heaven puts it's approval upon them. May our Lord Jesus grant you the vision and the hearing to know what God is saying to His Third Dimension Church for our day.
I am about to reveal some thing concerning my past that are of a dark and satanic nature. If you are one of those kind of followers of God who keeps and put your King Sauls on an ivory pedestal and throws away your King Davids because they got wounded during the battle of the Lord, then stop now - and go find somebody else that you can make a religious idol out of. But if your looking for a man that God has anointed by His grace so that He can impart unto you - Jesus, then open your heart and listen - God may have something within the pages of our Theology page that you need.
May God grant you the ability to discern His Voice.
The About page tells the reader some of my background, childhood and spiritual experiences. What it doesn't tell you that from the age of 7 I found rejection of my person by every one within my family with the exception of my siblings and one man, an insurance salesman, who was touched by the spirit of God who said to a very emotionally troubled and tormented young boy at age 17, 'If you ever need a home to live at - you can always have a place here'. That man's son became my life long greatest friend and his family my dearly beloved ones.
The rejection of family, people that I would have befriended lead to much loneliness and the torment of demonic oppression. However because of that struggle to maintain any balance in my life - God's presence drew to me like a magnet. God became my friend and wanted to be near me as a results my eyes and ears were altered to transcend time into eternity whenever God desired to show me of His glory.
The question I am sure will arise - Why is your Theology page so long?
The First reason with the exception of numbers 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 everything else on the Kingdom Messengers Institute Theology pages are areas of Doctrine that the angel talked to me about during his 3-day visitation with me. I was told to reveal these things to spiritual sons in ministry that could carry them within their hearts.
The Second reason is because I don't travel as much as I would desire - due to the lack of spiritual authority in America's churches that would welcome my teaching so I have placed it here for them to study.
The Third reason at present GloryGate Ministries, Intl / Kingdom Messengers Institute is Bishop to 15 churches in Kenya, Africa with more nations of Africa wanting to join us also.
With an established Bible School that presently teaches numerous national pastors using the materials available on the Theology page, along with other materials that I send every several months, makes it a need of great importance to put these New Covenant truths so that the Bible school can get to them - because materials that I send to Kenya by mail take 3 weeks or more to reach them.

Understand this please - If you asks why God leads one into visions - visitations - etc and not another I can't tell you.
There is no rhyme or reason to why He does it.
It is totally of His choosing.
It surely isn't because of anyone's special holiness or righteousness.
I can tell you this - most of the people that God gives visions - visitations - etc to on a regular bases - you really wouldn't want to be them - nor be around them. This is why most of them need mates that know who they are in Christ and have their emotions committed to God. Living with seers is usually an never ending rollercoaster - the mate has to really love them to stay committed. Why because they are messed up inside - they can't sleep - they usually have insomnia issues - they are usually all stressed needing to stay in God's presence with anointing worship and glory music - just to keep sanity from playing tricks on them.
They live so out of touch with people - due to the fact that God is touching them at any moment of time, then God goes back into the eternities, and the seer is left in between the two realms of time and eternity trying to figure it all out.
I am telling you this - Their usually a real mess - but - if your hungry enough to visit their world every now and again - then you can hear from God - and receive truth for yourself and others - usually truth beyond your setting and time.
Mostly - all the things that God has ever revealed to me were 10, 20, 30 years before the time, when dealing with most issues.  Sadly - those that I spoke them too - usually saw me as - insanely mad - immature or ministry disqualified - only to find out later - sometimes years - that the man who stood before them was a seer of God.

The Visitation - February 17-18-19, 1989 starting at 7:40 pm on Friday night and ending Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm.
As a backdrop to this visitation - I will tell you that this was without question the darkest time in my life. As a child, 11 to 16 years old, I was locked up in a room, the size being 9 ft x 7 ft with light only from a 2x6 window in the door to the room. Sometimes 5 to 15 days at a time, sometimes longer (almost every month - sometimes I would miss one or two months, but then it was back into what we called the 'black hole')
It wasn't a jail - but a place for unwanted young boys ages 10 to 21 years. It was a very tormented time. During those years my only friend was Jesus, with His presence I always had a hope from within concerning some future.
As part of my dark past shortly, after my 16th birthday, I was delivered from the home of young men where I was living, into the custody of a very important business man who lived in Las Vegas, NV. After living under his custody for six months, I was placed in charge of that part of his under the table businesses that dealt with women escort services and psychedelic narcotics (LSD).
This is where my life began to become even more darken by my addictions to those things that were placed under my control.
These dark places only existed for five years but during those five years I experienced a lifetime of sin that darkened my heart - but never toward my friend, Jesus (at least his presence anyway).
In February of 1970, my chance for freedom came as my friend and overlord died. I left every that I possessed in Las Vegas and headed towards Florida, remembering the man who was so kind to me four years earlier, his two sons became my new family (Tommy and Wayne).
Years later, after years of coming into recognition of who I really was and much spiritual struggle in dealing with my past God was merciful and placed within my life my spiritual father in ministry.
I will not go into the innermost parts of why the angel appeared to me and why he did so at that very moment in time - except to say - that my spiritual Father in ministry has just passed on to be with Jesus. the last 2 years of his life, we had spent so very many hours together. He was the only man on the planet - that knew me, understood me completely. Nothing about me was hid from him - and even with all the depths of my soul revealed to him - he loved me - unconditionally - only Jesus knew me better then Bill.
The last service that we had together - while he was ministering I had visions from God. He looked at me - in the middle of his ministering and said, 'Man of God - what seest thou.' I responded, 'My Father, My Father - I see nothing.' Bill said, 'But you have seen - lie not to me but declare all that has fallen before your eyes.'
After coaching me to tell the vision - 3 times I stepped up to the Holy Desk - and said - 'Thou man of God - Greatly love - your ministry as you have know is now passed - you go deeper now into the realm of the spirit.
Several days later I went to see Bill at the office where he was printing some of his books to go out to people desirous to read from home. Outside the office, he said to me 'Now tell me what you didn't tell me Sunday and hold nothing back.' I said to Bill, 'For a month now I have been having visions of you leaving us - and going to the Father.' His answer was "So I go to the Father." He then said something that I didn't understand at the time - it took me several years to get it. He said 'When I go - I want you to put your name on my revelations, my writings and the things that I have taught you in your home these last months - "sign your name to them". They now belong to you.' Then he said to me, 'Kelley holds the anointing, learn what you can from him. Bill died four weeks later. That was the last time that I talk with Bill in this realm of life.
Four weeks later, while on a teaching trip to California churches preaching the message, 'I go to the Father', Bill Britton passed on to his time in glory July 16, 1985.
That day when God took my spiritual father, He also broke my heart. My father's passing brought me into the depths of depression and grief - all desire for purpose left me. I knew I would never find another soul mate like Bill Britton. I did find another who has come very dear to me - my friend, Mark Hanby.

I left Missouri and moved back to Florida where my grieving took me over and the next 6 months there was not a day that I didn't spend in hours of strong weeping. When I did go out I would hallucinated - thinking that I saw Bill - and would go up to strangers talking to them about how much I missed him and needed him - this happened 5 different times until I just quit leaving the house. Several times the store manager called the police on me - but when I relayed my story they let me go saying that I need to try and get some professional help.
During this time I became very ill - and on Friday night at the point of near-death - an angel of God appeared before me, it was 7:40 pm Friday night, February 17, 1989:

  • The Angel said - Daniel, beloved of God, arise upon your feet and stand before me and read the Holy words.

  • The Scripture in Zechariah chapter 3 verses 1-5 appeared before me in mid-air.

  • When I read verse 5 - and heard the words - "so they set a fair mitre upon his head" (the mitre is clothing that covers the head - that the High Priest's crown sit upon - it represents the mind of Christ). A mitre appeared in the hand of Angel - and the Angel said to me "Daniel I trade you this mitre for the sword in your hand - you won't be needing it any longer". (The sword in my hand - was not really there - but it represented the gospel that was in my mouth -- the old covenant of law and works -- For 20 years until this visitation I preached law and how to live by it. I was a very zealous holiness warrior.

  • I immediately dropped the imaginary sword out of my hand as the angel placed the Holy mitre upon my head. When the mitre was set upon my head - I was immediately in the Spirit --

  • From that moment all of the speech of the angel and mine were telepathic (meaning the angel spoke to me with his mind and I understood with my mind) As the angel place the mitre upon my head he said to me 'this scripture I give unto you - from this moment this verse will be your Life Verse now focus on the last 5 words ---

    Revelation 21:21
    21 And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, AS IT WERE TRANSPARENT GLASS.

    Transparent - able to see through - shinning through - glory shinning through the object standing in the way.
    Glass - a mirror - transparent like water - lens of crystal.....
    I could teach for years on this one verse, but what I desire to relay to you, the reader of this web-page, is that the angel was telling me that the way into the 3rd and 4th dimensions - of the Most Holy Place was to allow II Corinthians 3:18 - to become the reality that all believers in Jesus must walk....

    II Cor 3:18
    18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

    To have an open face - that reflects the glory to glory manifestation of the image of God through Jesus - is to be the street of gold - which is as transparent glass -- to be so transparent that when people look upon you - all they can see is the glory that shines through your transparency ... your clearness of image - no mixture of Jesus, the devil, adamic man, etc - Here's a play with words - But it's Jesus only.
    My whole life has been that of a seeker of the truth that comes from God, I have always attempted from my youth to resist hypocrisy and falsehoods. But the angelic visitation and the revelation that he imparted so intensified my desire of seeing - hearing - and declaring only God's truth - it placed an even greater demand upon the revelation to be anything but totally transparent. Through the years I have found two great truth that accompany those who allow God's transparent glass to be their foundation for living.
    First is that you cant become the transparent sea of glass - unless all fear of what men will portray you to be is gone - if you fear man's judgments of who you are - then you can never be a treasure chest of the mysteries of God.
    The second great truth is that men fear what they cannot control. Jesus said in:

    John 14:30
    30 for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

I have so designed the format of the Theology webpage from it's beginning unto the end - so that the desperate can understand the truths that God has freely given unto us His people.
During the next 70 hours I was taught by the authorities of heaven. Needless to say - I am not going to take the time to talk about everything that heaven taught me during those 3 days... to tell you the truth I don't know if I will live long enough so that I can talk about all that I learned.
But I will tell you that these biblical truths listed below are those areas of teaching that I do talk about in personal meetings and that is shared on the Theology page.

  • The very first thing that the angel taught me about was the New Covenant gospel of grace versus that of the Old Covenant system of law. I think a very important thing to say here is that God's angel did tell me that 95% of most teachers of Christianity are teaching Old Covenant law and very little of the true New Covenant message of grace. Rather they teach a mixture of 80% law and 20% grace. The only national voice that I'm hearing today that matches the New Covenant gospel of grace that was spoken unto me by God's angel - Is Joseph Prince of Singapore and Apostle Lynn Hiles of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. That is not to say, that there are not other national ministries that are not teaching true New Covenant theology (Grace - without law for maturity), it just not their number one focus as it is with Lynn Hiles and Joseph Prince. Please trust me when I tell you that I know of very few preachers who teaches law anymore than I did - before my visitation of February 17-18-19, 1989 - but I changed (repented) and as I did - you can also.

  • The next thing the angel taught me about was the Tabernacle of Moses - The Priesthood - Feast Days and Feast of the Tabernacle of Moses revealed in three (3) dimensions of Christian Maturity.

  • The third was the New Covenant Order of the Melchizedek Priesthood Order (Ascension Gift Ministry).

  • The fourth was the corporate anointing of the body of believers and each ones placement within Christ's body.

  • The fifth thing the angel showed me was the completed-perfected body of Christ as the New Jerusalem City of God. When I saw the Bride of Christ and the man child that she brought forth as a full-grown son, I was translated from my grieving state of death to that of a heavenly joy that I had never since experienced. I cried and had uncontrollable laughter at the same time. It is the greatest joy that I have experienced in my whole lifetime.

  • The sixth thing I learn was things about Eschatology that I had at the time never heard of and didn't understand. When I asked the angel about them - he said to me 'that he would teach me of these things later in times to come. Since that time he has in a vision on January 28th, 1996, starting at 10:40 am (7 years and 10 days later).

  • The seventh thing I learned was principals concerning the generational blessing and the Holy Tithe of God.

Again there were so many more areas that I learned during those 3 days of which I am just beginning to get more clarity on even in these days, some 24 years later.

Things like:

  • Heaven - The Abode of God.
  • Realms of Time and Eternity.
  • Why the American Church is powerless.
    Just to name some.
I do want to say that from the first day to the third day that every several hours after each major truth was learned the angel would begin to dimension in glory - until the end of the third day I could see him no longer - though I could still feel his presence and see the outline of glory around his image.
Near the end of the last day - he asked me was there anything that I wanted to know. I said I wanted to know more about Jesus - his answer was that there would be plenty of time for that knowledge once I gained entrance into the other side in a continued spirit-man form. Then he said something that really challenged my thinking for years. 'But Daniel, you already know more about Him than most. He's not a mystery to you -- you know who He is. Now let me show you about the realm of the Spirit and the Abodes of Heaven.' Then he appeared as in the beginning - and then disappeared as quickly as he had appeared - In his non-appearance state I heard him say 'Am I still within your presence' - I said 'I can not tell' -- The angel said 'Study John 3:13 and you will understand. I am in both dimension/realms/worlds, Daniel. I am in the fourth dimension - which is the unseen realm of the Spirit -- Heaven if you desire. Daniel, it is time - there are things for you to know. Try to stay focused.' At that moment I knew the visitation was ending.
I then begged him - 'please don't go - I don't like it much here and this place doesn't like me much either.' Some of his last words to me were 'Daniel Beloved - I am not going anywhere - you just can't see me - Heaven is nearer than you are thinking. Meditate on these words that you've been given. Remember Daniel that I am always present with you. Because you live in the 3rd dimension you don't realize it but if you will listen for my movements in times of quietness then you will hear my voice.' The visitation then ended.
In his departure I heard him say 'Go to Tampa, Daniel - there you will see an old friend - I got dressed, did as I was told and learned of a father in the faith that was holding a tent meeting, whom I had know for many years. I was not granted access until he saw me and said 'You are holding His glory - go pack your bags and come with me.
If you are one who can accept this testimony and if ever you study the Theology page - not just causally read over, then I have this promise for you -given unto me by the angel -- If you can believe - then the Heavenly presence will come upon you and the Spirit of revelation that he has given unto me - will overshadow you also.
Since that time I have had to grow in Heaven's graces - It hasn't just been given unto me - with else.
I still have my struggles - like you do.
My greatest is loneliness - because of this anointing that I have been ask by God to carry separates me from most people. but when my loneliness becomes a struggle - then the presence of the angel brushes by me - and I am able to overcome.
It is my greatest hope that this introduction page can help bring you deeper into the presence and purposes of God's Son in your life - save only I pray that you can escape the dark places that I have had to walk in. Places of loneliness - misunderstanding by those you love - places of desperation - tribulation - but always in His presence.
Somewhere within the Theology page I've probably said something that you might find offensive. I beg of you now, to please forgive me. Nothing that I teach is ever meant to attack the personage of any man. Only the systems of religious falsehoods that satan has become partner to with men who love the status of power more than living in the overshadowing of God's presence and glory.
There is nothing on the Theology page that I would not give my life to protect and to preserve if I was called by God to do so.
It is my deepest prayer that the same presence that touched my life on Feb 17, 18, 19, 1989 and beyond will become yours as you prayerfully study what I believe to be the truth of God sent and signified by the angel of God that appeared to me and has been close by my side ever since.

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