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by Wm. Daniel John

Every ministry has a core - root foundational belief/truth that identifies who they are and what God has spoken unto them to proclaim within His body of believers - The Church.

My ( Wm Daniel John - GloryGate Ministries Int'l - Kingdom Messengers Institute) core - root - foundational biblical truth that God has spoken - revealed unto me to proclaim unto His church - is the Melchizedek Priesthood order as it pertains to local ecclesiastical church governmental order with special emphasis given to plurality church leadership and eldership as the "setman" expression of the government of Jesus Christ within every local body of Christ expressing the corporate anointing.

Apostolic Prophet Bill Britton who fathered me within the gospel of the Kingdom of God and made it possible for me to see my purpose within the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  His core foundational truth within his life's ministry was the sonship of the believer (the sons of God who was to follow the Pattern Son - Jesus in lifestyle and practices)

Bill authored many books and while this book, The Local Church, might not be recognized as his greatest writing. It is my opinion - as one of Bill's spiritual sons - that Bill allowed to see within his heart - that this message on The Local Church was the foundational truth of every other great revelatory truth that he received from the Holy Spirit of God (Bill lived by the truths of this book).

It is with the greatest of honor and esteemed privilege that this message by Bill Britton on the local church be at the forefront of all that might be placed upon the web pages of GloryGate Ministries Int'l / Kingdom Messengers Institute.

Special permission to do so was granted unto me by Bill Britton, himself, before his passing. And also by his daughter, Becky Britton Volz, at the time of this introductory archive writing.

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