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Wm Daniel John, General Overseer
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GloryGate Tabernacle / Florida

Beloved friends of GloryGate Ministries, Int'l,

As seen God is calling us to plant His Revelation of Christ's Kingdom purpose, that He has entrusted within me, unto other continents and nation of this world. My Kingdom purpose is to establish Christ's Church with the revelation of the Melchizedek Priesthood Order that has been given into my trust.

Recently God has been leading Bishops, Apostles and Pastors from the continent of Africa beginning with Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania as well as other African inter nations and the Philippines to the GloryGate Ministries, Int'l website. After reading and studying the doctrine shared by Bro John, they have been in contact wanting to align their churches with GloryGate Ministries, Int'l.

Please help me to fulfill this great calling from God as we establish Kingdom Messengers Institute (which is the school of theology of GloryGate Ministries, Int'l). By establishing our Bible institute we will be able to teach the nationals, in the African nations and the Philippines, how to establish the Melchizedek Priesthood Order within their cities, villages and households.

As a hands-on approach, the instructors will share their time teaching and sending out evangelistic teaching teams in their homeland.

The Glory of Jesus is empowering us to success, we need only to believe
Wm Daniel John

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