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Wm. Daniel John is first and foremost a father (protector and friend) to his loving son Joshua, who has had the challenge within life to mentally mature at his own pace. Joshua is a very special man-child that God has given me the honor to minister to since the day of his birthing. My son, Joshua, was born with symptoms of autism.  I love him with all of my being.

I'm also the faithful son to my mother who has always been the first human love within my heart.  God has also been kind toward me to bless my life with four wonderful siblings (three sisters and one brother).   In the order of their birthing: Debra, Patricia, Cynthia, and Billy.   I, Daniel, am the firstborn.  My father Ernest loved me and at the age of seven gave me my first verse of scripture (Romans 10:14-15).   Regrettably, because of religious bondage, my father was never able to fulfill his purpose and destiny until his ending years when he laid his hands upon me and prayed for the generational blessing of Melchizedek to Abraham to come upon me, upon doing so he pass what God had given him into my care.

My spiritual hunger to pursue the glory of God and of His presence - I believe to be passed down upon me by my father's early years of his own pursuit after God. My father, Ernest William, was a military man who finished out his military service at Langley in the state of Virginia. In my early years we lived in Puerto Rico. I still to this date have several fond memories of my time there. Sundays was always God's day for my family in those days. On Sunday afternoon between church service times, my father along with some of his ministry friends would go atop a favorite mountain to talk with Jesus. While in prayer it was reported by many of the folk down within the city that the mountain would be overshadowed by a cloud that shined in brightness like the noonday sun. This all happened during the dusk hours of 4-7 pm... This would happen every time they went atop to pray.

My father telling of these special manifestations said that once God's presence would begin to descend upon atop the mountain that they no longer could stand under their own power - but would fall unconscious. My father, being raise within the Baptist church, knew little of being slain within the spirit of God's presence... it wasn't part of his theological teaching.

Regrettably my father's time in military services and beyond got in the way of his divine purpose that God was attempting to position him into. He relayed this story of God's manifested glory within his life to me as he was laying his hands upon my head praying for the generational blessing of fathers to sons to come upon me, shortly before his passing into the four dimension to be with Jesus.

At seven years of age, my parents went their separate ways in pursuit of their own lives outside of each other. My father's lead him deeper into his military career while my mother's moved us back homeward to the bayou state of Louisiana. Being deeply concerned with my withdrawal from normal life due to being separated from my father, my mother bought my way into the catholic school system, where out of 800 students I was placed as special student assistant to the Monsignor (head priest) of that diocese. He was drawn to me like a magnet. He was a holy man always praying. In the years that followed that same Monsignor became a high ranking Bishop with plans to sponsor my priesthood inducement. With just several months before my planned future journeyment, it was interrupted by a vision I received while receiving Holy Communion during Friday morning mass. It was during our lent season of separation. This was my second open vision. I was age 15 - my first open vision came at age 8. In the years to come, especially after my conversion to Jesus, they would become much more frequent. After the vision I left the church, my family and home and buried myself deeply within the city of Las Vegas, NV. During this time, there were many life experiences, travels and challenges. I made my home there until God's calling on my life lead me to my mother's home state of Florida, where another life changing vision lead me into the family of Jesus. It would take many pages to even try to sum up my journey these last 40 years and counting, which has left my footprints in the sands of my time. Called to be one who has made it his choice to attempt to walk with Jesus without compromise within man's religious orders brings with it much separation, loneliness and sacrifice. I have found this personal quote of mine to be all so truthful, "A friend isn't one who you have known the longest, but a true friend is one who stands by your side when everybody else is screaming that you have lost your mind". Being a Seer will make you think that you are indeed sometime going insane, but after all these years of being misunderstood due to God's gift of seeing much of the time, ten, twenty year and more, into the future concerning the purposes of Christ's church I'm still standing with these words escaping from my mouth, "Jesus, I still love. Jesus, I still believe. Jesus, I will always hope for the manifestation of your true sonship".

In my allotted time of leisure I have been asked by God to faithfully sit within His Presence and to hear of the wonderful things that he has prepared, set aside for those of us who love Him.  I have also been given the ministerial duty to pray the prayer of intercession for any who are desperate enough to need the Master's healing touch.  This is who Wm. Daniel John is.

Wm. Daniel John's years of passionate study of the Bible, along with being a disciple of apostolic prophet Bill Britton of the latter reign era has helped develop this man of God into an able minister and teacher of God's Word.   Since the early days of his ministry, Brother Daniel has been gifted by God to recognize not only the movement of God's manifested glory, but has also been blessed to activate that same anointing through the gifts of the Spirit that our Lord has graced him with.  This gifting includes the gift of the word of wisdom (the ability given by God to see the progressive future of God's movement with and among His church and how to enter into it), also the gift of discerning of spirits (the God-given ability to discern the manifestations of the movement of God among His people, and the ability to discern the motivating spirit within or upon people -- including angels and demons, vision and dreams).   The third gifting that Brother Daniel John manifests, that closely works with the giftings of the Word of Wisdom and the discerning of spirits, is the ability to see the anointing upon people and places for the usage of the dispensing of God's presence and glory.   Brother Daniel's extensive knowledge of God's Word, has been a blessing to people of spiritual hunger over the years.  Daniel John's passion is to establish God's people with a foundation of  kingdom theology and the releasing of God's manifested miracle power, destroying every work of satanic presence within the lives of hurting humanity.   GloryGate Ministries, Int'l has been established to proclaim and impart both the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and to bring reformation to the Church of Jesus Christ as we return to authentic Christianity.

God's grace has come to all of us as we have moved in our individual callings, within a time when God is forming and setting his Church within apostolic "due order."

For this reason, I have committed myself to Holy Scripture by not taking this glory of ministry upon myself, even as Aaron of old.  But, by submitting to the order of God, I am being made in the order of Melchizedek.  My appointment by God to bring reform to the Body of Christ arises from a heritage of prestigious fathers of the latter reign era.  Bill Britton, who birthed me into the glorious Gospel of the Kingdom of God was himself a ministry son to one of the great visionaries of the latter reign movement - Stanley H. Frodsham, who was the editor of the Pentecostal Evangel for nearly 30 years, and author of 15 books.  The best know of his books is Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith, which is a biography of his father in ministry, Smith Wigglesworth).  This makes Wm. Daniel John a fourth-generational son of Smith Wigglesworth, thus fulfilling the generational blessing released through Melchizedek - (Shem), Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I was released into ministry by my father in ministry, Bill Britton, on March 17, 1985.  The areas of ministry that our Lord Jesus has released me to impart into my fellow brethren and churches of Jesus Christ is as following:

  1. Melchizedek priesthood order [New Testament church order of bishop (Moses / God's spokesmen), apostle (king), prophet (seer), pastors (high priests), evangelists (priests), deacons (levities), saints (House of Judah), and nations (House of Israel)] Church government shown in it's new covenant order with it's old covenant counterparts. See Special Note on Theology page "Kingdom Messengers" Theology Explained Specifically - Theology - Apostolic Governmental Foundations for Ministry - We Believe #8.

  2. Tabernacles [a, Moses (tabernacle teaching of three dimensions); b, David (the Davidic covenant); c, Jesus (Melchizedek priesthood order)]

  3. Manifesting His Presence [the corporate anointing of the altar of incense]

  4. Kingdom Christology [a, who is this Jesus called Christ; b, why did Jesus come to Earth; and; c, what did Jesus accomplish)]

  5. Kingdom Eschatology [a, the Olivet Discourse (Matt 24); b, the revelation (non-dispensational view); c, Daniel's vision (the seventieth week); d, Millennium (reign of Messiah)]

My life and ministry is blessed today, not because I have received some special revelation outside of Christian ethic, but only because I have positioned myself to become a part of God's apostolic due order that He has set within His Holy Church.  I am able to boldly proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom today because of the Holy Apostles of God who have either spoken or released into my life their portion that God wanted released into me.

In 1980, after a vision God gave me concerning His purposes and destiny, relating to the generational blessing of fathers to sons, I visited the grave site of my first teacher, William Branham in Jeffersonville, Indiana, just fourteen years after his passing into the four dimension.  What I saw shocked me so, that I was moved within my whole being with such anger that I vowed to God that I would never fail to honor those whom God had placed within my life concerning His purposes.

My first teacher, Prophet William Branham, brought true apostolic structure into my life.  He taught me the value of Proverbs 23:23, that admonishes us to buy the truth and sell it not.  Prophet Branham taught me my greatest gift from God--the integrity of God's Word.  Prophet Branham taught me to never, never, never--not under any circumstance--to compromise God's Holy Scripture.  Through the years I have had to buy that truth, and to sell almost everything else that I held dear to my heart in order to keep this first vow that I made to Jesus three days after my conversion in order to keep it from being sold.  It has truly been my Pearl of Great Price.

My second teacher, Prophet David Terrell--the greatest Jesus Preacher that my ears have been blessed to sit under.  If the heathen world (those outside of Christ) had only one chance to hear the message of the name of Jesus, and for Bible faith to be implanted in their soul, there would be no greater man of God that God could send to them than this great, humble Bible prophet.  David Terrell is the only man of God that I have sat under, or ever been around, that I was willing to give up my own pursuit of ministry so that I might be a servant to him.  David Terrell is the greatest man of prayer that I have ever been blessed to be around.  David birthed me into my second greatest gift--the ability to know how to fill after God and how to find the place within any movement of time where God was dwelling.

My third teacher, Apostolic Prophet Bill Britton of the House of Prayer in Springfield, Missouri.  Bill birthed me into the Gospel message of the kingdom of God.  Bill also impregnated me with his spiritual DNA, and truly became my spiritual father, revealing unto me my eternal purpose of God.  Within one year and twelve days of Bill's passing, I was blessed by God to be accounted worthy to be favored by Bill to spend one and sometimes two times a week in my home, teaching me the mysteries of God that he had seen from his teacher, the Holy Spirit, truths about Jesus, His church, the Kingdom, and beyond restoration.  My third greatest gift from God came through Bill.  Bill taught me how to hold the mystery of God within my earthen vessel, how to be the most spiritual person within any surrounding, and still be the most accessible person--so that the humblest of men could touch the heart of Jesus within me.  My greatest honor by Bill were Saturday field trips we shared.  Sometimes we would go to the Full Gospel Business Men's meetings, or visit church ministries that he knew.  He would always introduce me as his "visitor friend"--never as his fellow minister brother, just as his visitor friend.  Bill felt that his time in this realm (time on earth) was coming to a close.   And he felt that God sent me to him as an angel (human messenger).  Thus he called me his visitor friend.  No person on this planet has ever touched and impacted my life like God's servant, and my friend, Bill Britton.

I would also like to give special honor to the following men:

First, Apostle Ern Baxter.  In the early 1970's, he was the presiding oversight apostolic bishop who served as the spiritual father to the elders and kingdom community of the Kansas City, Missouri area, of which I also served as one of its elders.  Under his corporate fathering, I learned many truths which helped establish me in the present truth of kingdom purpose.

Second, Pastor Richard Hogue.  I want to express loving appreciation to Pastor Hogue, who is the ministry grandson of Apostle Ern Baxter by way of Bishop George Kouri (Bishop George Kouri is the spiritual son of Ern Baxter and the spiritual father to Pastor Richard Hogue).  Richard Hogue is Senior Pastor at City Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He was the vessel that our Lord used in my greatest moment in time revelatoraly concerning God's present timetable within Christ's Kingdom purpose. I have received biblical revelations that has caused my mind to quantum leap beyond any place that I ever thought that God would bring me. Some of those revelations are within God's creative structures hidden within the beginning chapters of the Book of Genesis. Still to this date I am in such awe of them. But concerning God's eternal positioning of the new covenant and kingdom purpose of His church, I consider the revelation, that I receive in vision form while listening to Pastor Hogue teach, to be my greatest moment in time revelatoraly (10:42 am, January 28, 1996 in the city of Jacksonville, FL) Thank you, Richard   May our Lord Jesus continue to bless your apostolic labor to the nations.

Third, Apostle Kelly Varner, whom I first met in 1983 while I was a member of the House of Prayer in Springfield, Missouri, under the apostleship of Bill Britton.  At that time my duties within the kingdom was an evangelistic ministry in downtown Springfield, where I had a ministry to the un-churched and a home for those wanting freedom from the street bondages of drug and alcohol addiction, and prostitution.  Along with this ministry I also was a fill-in teacher for Bill Britton at the Overcomers Bible College, teaching in Bill's place when he was out of town ministering.  Kelley was teaching at the Bible college on the subject of the Levitical priesthood, feasts, and feast days, along with being the main evening speaker at the March convention that year.  He preached on the "Man in the Mirror"--one of his masterful teachings that he did while among us.  Within the years to come, I learned so very much concerning Kingdom principles from the pulpit ministry of this great apostle of God.  Being a student of spiritual truth, I longed to be able to sit at this apostle's side and to glean from one of the greatest Bible minds of our day.  What I was able to take within my soul from Kelley is immeasurable.  The greatest lesson that Apostle Kelley Varner was able to lend to me came from one of his greatest quotes: "Read, Study, Think."  He taught me and multitudes that it was OK with God if we think, and not just gullibly receive into our minds everything that comes across the pulpits of Christian churches.  Men of God teach what they know, but their knowledge is incomplete.  Only God is all-knowing.

Fourth, Apostle Mark Hanby.  It has been my great privilege to know this man of God since 1974.  When I first heard this master of theologians for the first time calling for hungry souls, and for those who loved the souls of men, to come and sacrifice any possessions that they might possess, so the Gospel of Jesus Christ could go to the nations.  That night in Hazelwood, a suburb of Saint Louis, Missouri, I came and gave every possession of mine to Mark Hanby. Afterward, I hitched a ride back home to Kansas City, Missouri.  Today, I know of no other man of God that I would trust to follow and to do battle with and for.  I love Dr. Mark Hanby.  He is my friend.

Fifth, Apostle Joey Laird, my dearest of friends of so many years ago back in Louisiana where we were raised and also in Prichard, Alabama --- where I learned to hear the voice of GOD -- by beholding this great man as he walked with JESUS.
During the early 70's -- as we fasted so many days and preached in the old saw-dust trails of the end-times revival gospel tents, as we in those early years would open revivals several weeks before the prophet of GOD -- David Terrell would arrive so that the people of GOD could be prepared to receive from him --- so many wonderful memories touch my mind of this chief of preachers revealing the revelation of JESUS and of the message of the sons of GOD, I can still hear brother Joey -- today as he would be touched by GOD's presence as he would reveal some mystery of Christ's kingdom -- saying GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY -- WHAT A WORD -- WHAT A WORD..
His voice still speaks today -- this man's great word that he was given by GOD -- is till echoing within the clouds of heaven and earth.... I loved Joey and his family so very much... see you soon, my friend.

My greatest passion in ministry - is an extension of that of my spiritual Father Bill Britton (To Be Honored, to be able to experience first hand, the ministry of the saints), that there would be an absolute destruction to the idolatrous one man authoritative rule within God's Holy Church - and that the command by Jesus of His apostolic new testament church order in Psalms 68:16-18 and Eph 4:7-16 would become a reality within my lifetime. The new covenant, apostolic pattern is that the Melchizedek priesthood order is to replace the one man rule of the Aaronic priesthood order. And that by due-order this can and will only happen when the one man authority rule is replaced by the plurality leadership rule - of Teacher (Bishop), Apostle - Prophet - Pastors - Evangelists as the set Apostolic Priesthood all working together as one set plurality voice in leadership each functioning within their own set giftings.

The Old Testament counterpart was Teacher / Bishop (Moses / God's spokesmen), Apostle (King), Prophet (seers), Pastors (High Priest - one under Moses, two under David and two in the times of Jesus), Evangelists (Priests), Elders/Deacons (Levities).

I have heard all the arguments against this apostolic NT order that is commanded by Jesus Himself. The problem is with those who refuse to allow it to function... The problem is idolatry - personal ego - and most important - who is going to get the Glory (the complete Headship) and the money.

Special Note to leadership - If the revelation of God's present kingdom government of His church is new to you...
† Then please... find some elder apostle within God's new covenant due order to walk you through. There are correct ways to move from your old covenant Aaronic priesthood order into the new covenant Melchizedek priesthood order. One can't establish this due order in one day, it will take great patience and total commitment to be part of the Day of the Lord (the Third Day dimension principal).
† It is only through this due order of the multiplicity of leadership that the church will be able to come into her kingdom purpose.
† Any church government that willingly refuses to enter into God's due order while placing personal agendas in its place will have to face the King and His Court on God's Day of Accountability.
† Please - this is not optional for Ascension Gift ministries. Ministry only has one command, Feed (mature my sheep and lambs).
† Bishops/Apostles you can not do this on your own, you have tried and it does not work, the only part of the ministry that is being built up is you, and that is not God's command to us. We are to perfect the saints and as we do they will enter individual kingdom purpose.

I know that this might sound like an un-realistic view, but how about if we give the glory to the saints (which is Jesus both head & body). After all, that is the ministry theme of the whole NT after the foundation of Jesus Christ's death, burial, resurrection and ascension. It is for this reason that I have taken the time and the absolute open faced clearness of heart to reveal to the readers of this website the corporate compound anointing that has been the foundation and making of GloryGate Ministries, Int'l. It has taken all of the compound anointing's of these great men of God plus - the compounds of the apothecary ingredients of the holy incense within my life to prepare me as a GloryGate Keeper... (one whose ministry at the Golden alter of incense as the apothecary of the glory of God so that entrance behind the veil can be an ongoing reality.

Special Note: Average insight concerning the golden alter of incense is the fellowship with God in prayer, praise and worship. "God revelation given to me is much more intense than that. It is the compound anointing of every entrances and furnishings within Moses' tabernacle. It is the Perfected (complete) character and ministry of Jesus himself.

It is:

  • The Gate (Repentance)

  • The Brazen Alter (Regeneration)

  • The Brazen Laver (Baptism of Water and Holiness)

  • The Door (Baptism within the Holy Spirit)

  • The Golden Candlestick (Placement within the Church)

  • The Golden Alter of Shewbread (NT Church Government)

  • The Golden Alter of Incense (All the above and more)

For example:

  • Fundamental and Evangelical churches would like to do away with the Golden Candlestick as it pertains to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They say "just leave us the Brazen Alter and the Brazen Laver".

  • Episcopal churches love the Golden Alter of Shewbread but want nothing to do with the Golden Candlestick and Golden Alter of Incense.

  • Pentecostal and Charismatic churches love the Golden Candlestick and the praise and worship portion of the Golden Alter of Incense while leaving out the ingredients that make up the apothacy work, and also refusing the government of the Golden Alter of Shewbread.

Unless one can completely embrace all the entrances and furnishings, he will not be able to fellowship with the Father at the Golden Alter of Incense, which is the only furnishing to go behind the veil of the Most Holy place on the Day of Atonement.

Please understand that there is a vast river between the Presence of God and the Glory of God. What the American church is calling Glory is not the manifested Glory of the Father; rather it is His comforting presence.

Are there any GloryGate Keepers listening?

For an explanation of my doctrinal beliefs, please go to the "Kingdom Messengers" Theology Explained Specifically - Theology - Apostolic Governmental Foundations for Ministry.

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